You need new floors and have finally narrowed it down to either carpet or hardwood. However, how do you decide which way to go for your new floor coverings? Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing carpet vs. hardwood, as it is a matter of your personal preference. The following will act as a guide to give you the information you need to make a more informed decision.


If you like the feel of walking on something soft underfoot, the carpet will provide this, especially if you pick a luxuriously deep pile carpet. Carpet also does a great job of insulating when it comes to both sound and heat.

If you like the comfort of carpet but the look of hardwood, consider decorating your hardwood floors with area rugs. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this options, comfort, and style.


For both carpet floors and hardwood floors, the cost will depend on the total area needing coverage and the particular carpet or hardwood flooring materials you choose. On average, hardwood floors tend to cost more than carpeting. However, hardwood floors can last for decades, and they will usually add more value to your home.


Both carpet and hardwood floors require maintenance. Both should be vacuumed or cleaned regularly to keep grit and dirt under control. If left uncared for, grime could build up and scratch hardwood floors. Alternatively, grime can work its way deep into carpet fibers giving it an unpleasant and dirty appearance.


Hardwood floors will last a long time if laid down by an experienced installer and taken care of correctly, as they are very durable. Carpet can last a long time if it is of high quality and is professionally installed. Proper installation is important, or the carpet can come loose at the seams over time or bunch up if not stretched correctly. A professional cleaning of your carpet every so often in addition to regular vacuuming will keep it looking great.

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