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Room Additions

Square footage does not need to be absolute. You can take advantage of unusable or undesirable outdoor space by building out your home. A structural expansion allows you to add new rooms and significantly increase the amount of living space. There are many things you can do with the larger footprint, including:

  • More bedrooms
  • Family room
  • Dedicated laundry space
  • Home office
  • Larger kitchen
  • Guest quarters
  • Mud room

The amount of square feet you have available affects how big you may go with your remodel. However, even a small addition could free up space for an extra bathroom.

Structural Services

Removing Rooms
Maybe you have the opposite problem of insufficient living space. An existing home addition may have been just fine for the previous owner; however, you could want that area for an elaborate patio, or outdoor kitchen instead. Our structural services in Houston can take out these extraneous rooms so that you can allocate your space the way you want it.
Adding Walls 
If you are not able to expand on your existing property, you can still make great use of the area within your home by adding a couple of walls. Maybe you’d like to build a home office into that large loft area on your second floor, your large basement may be in need of some space planning, or you want to in your master. Homes that lack the appropriate number of bedrooms can be fixed by separating one space that is too large into multiple adequately sized rooms.
Removing Walls 
It is not uncommon for older homes to have layouts that no longer work for the more modern lifestyle. If you are the type of person that loves the idea of an open concept, then there is no reason you can’t achieve it when the existing layout is more segmented.

A separate dining room, kitchen, and living room can be consolidated into one inviting space by removing the walls dividing each of the rooms. Taking down even one wall can turn two small bedrooms into one enormous master suite.
Adding Support
It is possible that the current structure needs some additional support and structural services.  Past weather damage or years of wear and tear can cause the integrity of the building to weaken. During an extensive renovation, structural concerns are often uncovered; however, the right professionals know how to resolve these issues with as little hassle as possible. Aside from internal problems, you may also have plans for your second floor, such as a new balcony.
Removing Support
If your home has poles or pillars, these can be a nuisance when trying to arrange your furniture. Sometimes it can be possible to redistribute the weight to beams and joists in the ceiling. Removing support can be a major task during the process of taking down walls because certain ones bear a lot of the weight of the home. While load-bearing support can be removed, it requires a professional team to know the safest and most effective way to get it done.

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Family Room Decorating Ideas You Can’t Miss!

Step into your family room ideas and expect a space that inspires life into every moment, where laughter reflects off the walls and memories are engraved in every corner. Discover a glorious addition of Family Room Decorating Ideas designed to transform this haven into a captivating space of comfort and connection.
Are you visualizing a comfortable, welcoming space for your family gatherings? Transform your family room ideas into a haven of comfort and style with these inspiring decorating ideas. At Houston Custom Carpets, we understand the significance of a well-designed family room. It’s the heart of your home, where memories are made and shared.

When it comes to redecorating your family room ideas, consider flooring as the foundation. Our Flooring Services offer a diverse range of options: hardwood, laminate, carpet, or tile that not only elevate attractiveness but also ensure durability and serve your family’s lifestyle.

Structural Services

Painting services play a pivotal role in setting the atmosphere. Floor coverings, countertops, and custom cabinets add finesse and functionality to your family room. Our comprehensive services offer a great number of choices, enabling you to personalize your space according to your taste and preferences.
Expanding your family room ideas with our expertise in room additions facilitates the creation of more bedrooms or the expansion of existing spaces, ensuring your family has generous room to grow and enjoy.
At Houston Custom Carpets, we specialize in addressing your unique needs, whether it’s adding or removing support structures, crafting custom cabinets, or installing countertops. We prioritize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project.
Our goal is not just remodeling but creating a space that reflects your family’s lifestyle and values. With our diverse range of services and commitment to excellence, let us help you transform your family room into a haven where cherished moments are made.
Explore the endless possibilities with Houston Custom Carpets. Contact us today to turn your Family Room Decorating Ideas into reality!

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A family room typically includes comfortable seating, entertainment options like a TV or gaming area, storage for toys or books, and versatile furniture accommodating various activities.

A living room is often more formal and used for entertaining guests, while a family room is a relaxed space for family activities, often equipped with more casual furniture and entertainment systems.

Personalize it with family photos or artwork, add shelves for decor or books, use wallpaper or paint for a focal point, or incorporate a gallery wall with a mix of frames and art.

The ideal size depends on the home and needs, but generally, a family room of around 200 to 400 square feet offers ample space for activities while maintaining a cozy atmosphere.