If buying a new carpet is on your list of things to do, the best stores to consider are local. Buying local carries various benefits for you, the community, and the flooring company itself. ― The following are a few of these benefits to consider:

Personalized Customer Service

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In most cases, owners of local companies are residents of the area themselves and employ individuals who live in the area. Because of this, owners and employees know their customers on a personal level. They know the current trends around town, are familiar with the styles of the homes, and often understand their customers’ preferences; all of which allow them to make recommendations more tailored to the buyer’s needs making them the best place to buy carpet.

Customer service is made better when shopping locally because you are not dealing with a large corporation. In many situations, large corporations forget the little people who make the business run. With close relationships between staff members and customers, there is a personal touch with every interaction. Extraordinary personalized service cannot be found unless you shop locally.

Improved Local Economy

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Local businesses often buy local as well. These establishments support each other, which supports the local economy as a result. When more money is spent at the local level, more of that money stays within the community.

When you buy carpet from a local supplier, you are helping that process work. A study concluded when $100 is spent at the local level, $45 of that purchase is paid back at the community level. This includes payment to local employees, buying supplies, and other local purchases.

Chain suppliers often purchase at a higher level, such as from corporate or anywhere else they can wheel a deal, without checking out what the local community has to offer. Chain suppliers only put about $14 back of that $100 into the local economy. Buying local makes a huge difference, and can be done merely from purchasing your carpet from a local provider.

Personal Relationships

Doing business with someone you know and trust always hold a great benefit. You can count on your friends to offer you the best flooring at the best prices, trusting they will take care of your needs. You rejoice with them when they do well in business and help them succeed.
Dealing with local businesses is also important when the service involves your personal space. Having someone you trust in your home gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured as they install your carpet that they will respect your personal belongings, time, and privacy. These personal relationships make for the best commercial relationships.

Environmental Help

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Buying local means there are fewer steps for the company to take to get your purchase installed. Trimming the supply chain for your carpet can help the environment, creating shorter distances for the carpet to travel, and less need for storage space. Travel time and storage space, emissions and energy use are cut down or eliminated.

Reduced Response Time

Local providers response time are greatly reduced. Phones are answered more quickly, in-store greeting occurs as soon as you arrive, and your install date is typically soon after you order. The provider does not have as many installs to coordinate around compared to that of a chain business all over the country. While your local store may be busy, they are generally not too busy to offer timely service.

Receiving a Free Quote

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When you are ready to buy carpet, contact the best place to buy a carpet! At Houston Custom Carpets Flooring & Remodeling, we offer the personalized customer service that is so good for the economy and the environment. Give us a call today at 281-548-3600 to discuss your flooring needs and receive a free quote.