Elevate Your Space with Expert Painting Techniques in Houston, TX

In Houston, Texas, Houston Custom Carpets provides a wide variety of painting services, such as faux painting techniques, textured painting, pattern painting, and mural painting. Learn about modern approaches to decorating that don’t sacrifice classic style. Learn the state-of-the-art methods for creating eye-catching wall art in the year 2023.

Houston Custom Carpets is the best place to go if you want your home or business painted in Houston. Faux painting, textures, patterns, and murals are just some of the many methods in which our talented team excels. Give us a chance to transform your boring walls into something very special.

  • Regular Painting: Our regular painting services provide a classic and clean finish that revitalizes any space. With an eye for detail and precision, we apply color to your walls, creating an atmosphere that resonates with your style.
  • Faux Painting: Faux painting techniques continue to make a statement in 2023, adding depth and character to your walls. Through this technique, we mimic textures like marble, wood, or stone, achieving a high-end look that stands out.
    Faux painting techniques are more than a trend; it’s an artistic expression that stands the test of time.”
  • Textures: Elevate your walls with textures that engage the senses. From subtle tactile finishes to bold three-dimensional effects, our team masterfully transforms your walls into a canvas of touchable art.
  • Patterns and Murals: Let your imagination run wild with intricate patterns and mesmerizing murals. Whether it’s a statement wall or an entire room, our experts craft visuals that narrate stories and spark conversations.

Best Painter in Houston, TX

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home: it can increase the value of your house, enhance curb appeal, promote healthy indoor air quality, keep dust and dirt to a minimum, hide marks and stains, protect exterior and interior surfaces, and improve your outlook. It is one of the most inexpensive home remodeling projects and yet it has a high value return.
At Houston Custom Carpets Flooring & Remodeling we provide a host of painting services in Houston that include:

  •  Regular Painting
  •  Faux Painting
  •  Textures
  •  Patterns and Murals

House painting can really freshen up your home and change its look in an instant, especially if you go with a quality Houston painting company.

Regular Painting

Even with regular painting, there are a lot of different choices and possibilities. One is the finish of the paint used, which basically is how shiny it will look. A flat or matte finish has almost no shine to it as it mostly diffuses light, while satin has a definite sheen. A popular choice these days for walls is eggshell, which is somewhere in between matte and satin. Glossy paints are more suited for woodwork. By going with bolder solid colors, or varying color from room to room, your home’s character can be greatly enhanced.

Faux Painting

Faux painting has the look of a textured or a contoured surface, but this is achieved purely with the painting technique. Surfaces often mimicked include natural stone, marble, and even wood. Faux painting may also be used to create a textured look that doesn’t mimic any material in particular but tries to create a mood or effect. Rag painting, which literally uses bunched-up rags to create a pattern, is an example of this. Faux painting is a good deal more difficult than regular painting, which itself requires a lot more skill to look right. Faux painting is often used on walls, and sometimes furniture. Faux painting on a ceiling is possible, though less commonplace.


Textured painting involves using additives to make a surface rough. The degree of texture can be varied. The lightest texture is like painting with a thick paint leaving some features you can feel. It is similar to what you see on rough oil paintings. Sand textures and knockdown texture create more undulations. The texture pattern can be seemingly random, or repeating, with scallop designs being one of the best known. An advantage of textured painting is that it is more forgiving of the finish of the underlying plaster or drywall by hiding defects more easily. The most extreme is popcorn texture, which creates a highly uneven rough surface that is very good at dampening sound. It is most often used on ceilings.

Patterns and Murals

Patterns and murals transform your walls and surfaces into artworks in their own right. The possibilities here are endless, from simple patterns to intricate stenciled designs and fully fledged murals. If you want your home to really stand out, this is one way to do it.

At Houston Custom Carpets, we pride ourselves on being one of the best painting companies in Houston. If you’d like to revitalize your home, contact us today to experience our top-notch painting services.

Whether you are going for a bold new look, or simply want to touch up some wall damage, we are prepared to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Absolutely! Faux painting techniques continue to be a sought-after technique in interior design. Its ability to mimic textures and create visual interest makes it a timeless choice for those seeking distinctive walls.

For faux painting, water-based glazes are popular due to their slow-drying nature, allowing for manipulation and blending. These glazes work well with a variety of paint types, enabling the creation of unique finishes.

In 2023, wall painting techniques focus on bold experimentation. From color-blocking to ombré effects, the emphasis is on creating dynamic and personalized spaces that reflect individuality.

Faux painting techniques on textured walls involves applying glaze and paint in layers, using tools like brushes, sponges, or rags to achieve the desired texture. Our skilled team adapts techniques to the texture of your walls, ensuring a seamless and captivating result.

For innovative faux painting techniques and beyond in Houston, TX, contact us at (281)-548-3600 and let your walls become a reflection to creativity and sophistication.