The floors in our homes have to withstand a lot of wear-and-tear no matter how careful we are. It’s important to know about the different types of floor cleaning and maintenance. You can extend the life of your new custom flooring by taking care of it correctly. Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for different types of floor.

How to Clean These Types of Floors


Spills are an obvious threat to a carpet. Even regular traffic can leave marks and deposit grit and dirt that can work its way deep into the carpet fibers. Localized spills should be addressed as quickly as possible. For regular maintenance, using a carpet cleaning system or a professional carpet cleaning service is the best route to take to keep your carpet looking its best.


Tile floors are generally resilient, but they should be swept or frequently vacuumed to get rid of sand and grit that can otherwise dull the glazed surface over time. Visible marks and spills can be easily cleaned with a chamois mop and mixture of water and a mild detergent.

Wood floors

A dust mop or vacuum is usually sufficient to keep wood floors looking good. However, these methods won’t deal with grease and grime that slowly accumulates. Tackle localized muddy spots straight away with a damp cloth, and do a full cleaning with a wood floor cleaner as needed. Make sure to avoid standing water on your wood floors as that can lead to damage.

Laminate floors

The guidelines for laminate floors are similar to wood floors, though you need to be even more careful to avoid any standing liquid on laminate floors. If water gets through to the base, it can quickly be absorbed causing the material to expand and to damage the finished appearance. Clean up any spills straight away, and, if using a recommended wet cleaning method, use as little liquid as needed to get the job done.

Sometimes older floors have to be replaced, or perhaps you wish to upgrade or remodel your floors. If you are looking for new custom flooring in Texas, contact Houston Custom Carpets to get the ball rolling, and don’t forget to keep all your new types of floors clean once we’ve installed them.