We at Houston Custom Carpets believe our customers deserve to be treated like royalty. To that end, we offer custom carpet and hard flooring services accompanied with superior workmanship, premium products and excellent customer service at unbelievably low prices.

“ I don’t think I’ve ever received service like this before. No hassles with anyone and everything turned out great.” – Marcus, Atascocita

Our premium materials include fine carpets, tile, natural stone, hardwood and area rugs. We serve both residential and commercial markets in the Greater Houston area.

“I never thought my home could look so glamourous by just adding hardwood floors. It brightens up the whole place.” – Danielle, Humble

We also offer remodeling services for any renovation plans customers have in mind. Our services include painting and  among others. We aim to help our customers as much as possible with their home improvement needs and regularly add more services to our repertory.

“My home really needed an upgrade. It’s an older home, so it was no easy feat, but somehow these guys got the job done. I had my natural stone installed, one wall removed and another wall added and painted. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome.” – James, The Heights

Dedicated to offering the best experience possible, we also offer the best prices in the Houston area. Be it for our carpet or remodeling services, we maintain our prices as reasonable as possible and even offer specials.

“I never thought I could get carpet added to my place at such a low price. And it looks great, too!” – Anna, Kingwood

Through it all, we offer the knowledge of 25-plus years of experience with the warm interactions of a family-owned business. We care about our customers and look out for them as much as possible. While many general contractors simply do as told, even if it may harm your flooring or other aspects of your house, we choose to communicate with you and offer alternatives when we see that your renovation plans may not be as good of an idea as you thought they were.

“One of the best parts of redoing my home office was having people who knew what they were doing advise me on what worked and what didn’t. If they hadn’t, it would not look half this good.” – Eric, Northwest Houston

No matter your carpet or remodeling needs, we are here to help you beautify your Houston home or office. Contact us today for your free quote.