One of the most effective ways to update your home is by replacing flooring that is out-of-date, damaged or unattractive. New floors elevate the look of your home, giving it a refreshed and more upscale feel even if no other work is completed. Since flooring installation is a complicated and skilled trade, many homeowners choose to do some research for the right flooring company that can provide superior installation services along with well-priced and quality product options. When it comes time to replace flooring in the home, the budget is often the first concern. You can be sure to stretch your dollar sufficiently while still receiving a beautifully remodeled space.

Set a Budget

Professional flooring companies that are remodeling specialists are able to work within nearly any budget. Before you visit a showroom or partner with a company, do a bit of preliminary legwork or research to decide what type of flooring would be best for your situation, then set a ballpark goal for the cost. This way, your specialist can help give you a more customized experience. Not only will this save you and the remodeling specialist valuable time, but it can also stop you from spending more money than you can or want to spend on your project.

Choose the Right Flooring Type

Some types of flooring would look amazing in any space, but remodeling involves more than just aesthetics. Take some time to focus on the intended use of the space. Avoid having to face repairing or replacing flooring that becomes damaged or worn prematurely due to an unintended use. Some examples of flooring choices include:

● Carpet
● Natural or engineered wood
● Laminate flooring
● Floor tile
● Luxury vinyl flooring

Hire a Quality Professional

The first budget cut many homeowners consider is the cost of installation. However, ultimately this can end up being a costly mistake. Floor installation is a skilled trade, and an insured and experienced flooring company can guarantee a correct installation process, saving you money in repair or correction in the long run. Look for a company with quality service and fair prices, such as Houston Custom Carpets.

Consider Different Options

If you have your heart set on a specific look for your space, but the ideal flooring choice is out of your budget or unavailable, consider making a small change for a similar look. Many types of flooring, such as wood-look tile, laminate flooring or vinyl planks can give you a similar aesthetic to hardwood floors. These come with a lower price tag. Similarly, a marble floor look can be achieved through specialty tile. Use your imagination, or ask your specialist for ideas. This will give insight getting what you envision at lower costs. Sometimes the floor you’ve been envisioning is a special order or custom design. Looking for a similar item that is already in stock can also help you save time and money.

Remodel Timing

If you are in the preliminary research stages for your project, checking prices and comparing them over time can help you stick to your budget. Pay attention to when prices that are lower. Due to sales, slow season or old stock choose that time to make your purchase. Even installation services can have slow season discounts, so take note and schedule your remodel during the most opportune time to save money.

Choosing the Right Flooring Company 

During a remodel, floors are one of the most integral pieces to an updated look. Choosing the right flooring company to install the intended space will save you money on the cost of repairs or replacement in the future. By properly timing, planning and researching your project, you can be sure to get the maximum value for your dollar. To ensure you are receiving quality flooring at a fair price without sacrificing excellence and professionalism, contact Houston Custom Carpets to receive a free quote and get started on your customized project.