At Houston Custom Carpets, we understand that home renovations are no simple task, so we are happy to offer advice on how to tackle your bathroom remodel. Here you will see the major steps and decisions involved in planning a successful bathroom remodel as well as some bathroom remodel ideas.

Step One: Define your end goal for the bathroom remodel

Before even speaking with a contractor or coming up with ideas about how to change the bathroom, it is important to decide what you want to get out of the remodel. Consider the following questions:

  • Does your bathroom need a refreshing look or do you need to correct damages?
  • Are the functionalities of your bathroom changing? What improvements would be beneficial to meet those needs?
  • How much money is available for the remodel?

Step Two: Budget

Before you dive head first into remodeling your bathroom, it’s crucial to determine much time and money you’re allotting to the project. Take a look into the household finances, how much cash you’ve set aside already, and determine how much is available for remodeling. Remember that when it comes to renovations, it’s always smart to have a bit extra in case of emergency or unexpected repairs.

Step Three: Choose the appropriate bathing area

A large portion of the bathroom is used for bathing, and depending on your needs, you may require a tub, a shower or both.

Take the following into consideration:

  • Will you need the bathroom to accommodate users with limited mobility or any other mobility issues?
  • How much room do you want the bathing area to occupy?
  • Do you prefer showers, baths or both?

Step Four: Choose a toilet and toilet placement

Choosing the right toilet makes all the difference when it comes to the comfort and style of your newly remodeled bathroom. One highly suggested remodel idea is to create a separate space for the toilet to give the bathroom itself a more spacious look and feel.

Step Five: Choose appropriate cabinetry and flooring

When it comes to the cabinetry, the two most important items to consider are how much storage you will need and what material you prefer. Regarding flooring, if you’re considering tile, opt for those of larger size to avoid the constant grime buildup associated with smaller tiles.

Step Six: Find the right contractor

Finding the right contractor to turn your remodeling ideas into reality is an important step and requires considerable research. Some items to review with your contractor include defining what you want done, what is feasible, the structure of a working timeline, and, of course, cost estimates.

Houston Custom Carpets

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