It is a well-known fact that when selling a home, taking the time and effort to remodel can be more than worth it. Basic maintenance like HVAC repairs, new roofing, and siding replacements are important to make a house worth putting on the market. However, prospective homeowners―and those planning to sell their home―take these fundamentals for granted.

Houston Custom Remodels Increase Your Home’s Value

Less frequently considered for resale is the bathroom, and when it does come to mind, one is led to assume it is not worth the trouble or price. In truth, though, carrying out a bathroom remodeling in Houston gives you an edge on the housing market and can increase your home’s value in multiple ways. If you are on the fence about going through with the project, here are some potential benefits to think about.

Recouping Costs

Fundamentally, home projects prior to resale all have one goal in common: to maximize returns on investment. Unfortunately, getting a 100% return is rare, even among the most thorough or valuable remodels. Even so, when considering the recouped costs from remodeling bathrooms, the net cost of the project is significantly less than it seems at first.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, midrange bathroom remodels returned an average of 70.1% of the initial cost in 2018; within the West South Central region of the US, the average comes out to 69.5%―a considerable amount of funds regained, especially when those numbers have increased from 2017. Even if it is not a 100% recoup, a home’s value is more than just that of the bathroom itself, so the total house value can potentially make a significant jump.

Appealing to Buyers

The projected monetary value of a home means little if the home does not sell, and for a home to sell, it needs to catch buyers’ attention. Along with the kitchen, the bathrooms in a home are one of the primary spaces that homebuyers want to check out when considering a purchase. A remodeled bathroom is bound to garner more interest. Therefore, updating the bathroom plumbing and fixtures can improve both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Even relatively minor touch-ups like swapping out old faucets, getting a new mirror installed, or re-caulking the bathtub go a long way to make a bathroom look refreshed and improved. In turn, remodeled bathrooms increase the perceived value of a home substantially. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry 2017 Remodeling Impact Report indicated that bathroom remodels are among the most satisfying home projects, in terms of happiness reported by homeowners after completion.

A More Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is a big consideration for new homes as well. Along with lowering water, minimizing electric bills, and saving money long-term, people enjoy energy efficient fixtures because of the satisfaction of going green. Swapping out toilets and showerheads for more efficient water-saving models is relatively inexpensive among remodel projects but does much to make the bathroom more desirable. Similarly, making sure that the plumbing is effective and free of leaks and faults saves a lot with LED light fixtures and updated ventilation fans existing as smart options, too.

Call on the Experts

DIY remodels can be daunting for some homeowners, especially when working with plumbing systems or preparing for resale. To ease the stress of these projects and ensure a job well done, turn to trusted professionals from local businesses and contractors. Hiring plumbing services in Houston is a smart move when planning a bathroom remodel, whether or not you’re planning to sell, call on the experts at Houston Custom Carpets Flooring and Remodeling today! We will get the job done the right way.