Cabinet Hardware in Houston

Kitchen cabinet hardware may seem like a small detail, but it’s those fine details that can transform a nice looking set of cabinets into a thing of beauty. The choice of cabinet knobs, handles, or pulls can also help tie the whole look of a room together. The key to selections lies within matching or contrasting the pieces with other elements in the room, including other furniture hardware.

Our Jeffrey Alexander collection of unique cabinet hardware styles and finishes represents the ultimate hardware in detail and design. Unlike other inferior products, Jeffrey Alexander’s cabinet hardware is made of solid metal to give your cabinets a strong, solid feel, unlike hollow knobs that feel flimsy. This allows our products to be crafted with much more detail, something that cheaper manufacturing processes cannot do. The extensive collection and different offerings mean there is always something that will be a perfect match for your cabinetry, no matter whether you have a quaint old-world kitchen or a modern open-plan loft with crisp clean lines.

The wealth of our designs allows you to match your choice of hardware for cabinets with existing detail on your cabinetry or other elements of your home to tie it all together. Don’t give up the chance to enhance and accessorize your living space by picking up just any cabinet hardware. If price is an issue, remember that cheaper cabinets always look better with upgraded cabinet hardware, which draw the eyes to the right places.

The Classic Look

Sometimes it is simplicity and familiarity that makes the best impression. With Jeffrey Alexander, the high-end finishes will subtly impress, even if you choose something fairly inconspicuous like chrome knobs.

Modern Styles

If you want a sleek modern look, cabinet hardware is a way to achieve this. Brushed metals and unusual stark finishes add a modern flair. A minimal look can be achieved with undersized spartan knobs and pulls.

High-End Elegance

Having plain or low-end cabinet hardware can make even the most expensive wood cabinets look ordinary and commonplace. Whether you have maple, ash, cherry or any other species of wood in a stained or painted fashion, do them the justice they deserve by picking high-end hardware by Jeffrey Alexander. From Tuscany-inspired pulls with intricate designs to exquisite aged brass and brushed copper knobs, there is an elegant choice to match every taste.

To learn more about our extensive collection of high-end cabinet hardware, contact Houston Custom Carpets today.


Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet Hardware