Upgrading the countertops in your kitchen can be one of the most worthwhile and pleasing home improvements you can make. Upgraded countertops can be a great investment that pays for themselves regarding increased home value and equity, since kitchen remodeling is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make. Remodeling your kitchen is also one of the best improvements you can make regarding your everyday experience, given how much time we spend there. Perhaps you have old countertops that were once fashionable but are now worn and dated. With all the choices of beautiful, durable materials available, the perfect countertop for your needs is out there. You just need to follow this guide to make sure you make the best possible choice, though there are plenty of solutions that will all look wonderful.

Ask Yourself How Your Counters Will Be Used

The first thing to do is to ask yourself how your countertop, and your kitchen in general, will be used as this can help inform your decision. Will it be used for upscale catered cocktail parties or have a bunch of kids playing in it constantly? If primarily the former, you may choose a dramatic aesthetically pleasing countertop that draws attention. On the other hand, with lots of kids constantly at play, that pristine white marble countertop might seem less practical, and a darker color or a warmer stone could work better. Resistance is also an issue you should take into consideration. Soapstone looks wonderful, but is more susceptible to wear and tear. As obvious as it seems, deciding how you use your countertops really does make a world of difference in the colors and materials that you choose.

Decide On The Level of Maintenance You Want

If you’re adamant that you want the material with the least possible maintenance, there’s no point in looking at softer stones that need more care if you’re not ultimately going to choose them. So decide early on whether you want an engineered material with the least maintenance requirements or are open to all possibilities.

Consider Mixing Different Countertop Options

Don’t discount the possibility to mix different countertop types for added dramatic effect. For instance, if your kitchen has an island, that’s an opportunity to pick a different material, or the same material with a different appearance. Rather than going with all black granite, for example, you could have that for the main countertops along the wall but choose a complimentary rich green granite for the island, or a warmer material like soapstone to make it stand out and differentiate certain areas.

Consider The Whole Look

It’s important to remember your countertop will have to go together with your appliances and other details so try to keep that in mind when you picture the final product. Are they all stainless steel or are you starting from scratch? The final look will be influenced by the cabinet finish, the countertops, the flooring, and dominant appliances. Again, getting to the showroom to see a selection of layouts is important to get a handle on this.

See The Material In Person

Looking at catalogs and images online can be very useful for getting an idea of what you might want, but any stone countertop is a significant investment so you want to be sure you are making the right decision. That means seeing the stone or other material you choose in person. Go to a showroom to see examples. This is not just about looks, as it’s possible a showroom may not have the exact look you want. This experience is just as much about the feel and touch of your potential countertop.

How Unique Do You Want It To be?

Your kitchen will look fresh and classy no matter what stone countertop you select, but the cost and uniqueness can vary greatly, so ask yourself how important this is to you. Do you want a countertop that literally looks like no other? Popular granite colors and patterns will likely be more available and affordable. Of course, with natural stone everything is somewhat unique to begin with, and no other countertop will be exactly like yours. Choosing less common stones like soapstone is another way to make your kitchen stand out even more.

Edges And Backsplashes

Another thing to consider are the fine details. Do you want simple edges, or an intricate beveled design? Backsplashes, whether integrated with the countertop or a separate tile design, are another detail to consider. This can provide you with another means to put your own personal touch on the final appearance.

By considering these elements at the start of the process, you will be far better equipped to make the ideal choice for your kitchen. If you are looking to upgrade your countertops in the Houston area, contact Houston Custom Carpets today to learn how the best kitchen remodeling services in Kingwood/Humble can help you realize the kitchen of your dreams.